1. How long does the silencing squeaky floors process usually take?
Most of cases take 2 to 12 hours.
2. Do the squeaky floor noise disappear completely? Would I notice a difference, from before and after?
We have full confidence that we can eliminate over 90% of the squeaks in hardwood, engineered and laminate floors. Most carpeted floors can be silenced except for those squeaks caused by damage sub-floor. Broken sub-floor, usually caused from heavy water damage, can only be fixed by sub-floor replacement. 
3. Is the ‘squeaky floor repair’ permanent?
We use a permanent solution to silence squeaky floors that should outlast the floor itself. We will warranty our squeaky floor repair for a half year. We also offer an extended warranty at a very reasonable price.
4. How do I know if I should silence squeaky floor or replace new floor ?
Most of cases should be fix squeaky floor instead of replace new floor since silence floor noise only take few hours and cost several hundred dollars only. To replace squeaky floor and squeaky stair usually take several days process and cost at least several thousands dollars.
In most of cases even replace new floor and new stair don't resolve the squeaky noise.  We already had customers hired us to silence their new installed squeaky hardwood floor and stairs. 
5. What kind of preparation for silencing floor noise ?
Nothing, our flooring specialist will take care of everything for you.
6. Does the squeaky floor repair affect the way the floor looks?
On hardwood, engineered and laminate floors, the result of fixing your squeaky floor will be barely noticeable. On carpet it will be completely invisible.
7. What process does Fix floor specialist to use to silence floor squeaks?
We mark and drill tiny openings in the squeaky areas and then we apply a specially formulated material into these openings (material is ordered directly from the USA). We match the floor surface and fill the small opening to complete the silencing squeaky floor solution.
8. Is your company has insurance to cover our lost in case something happen?
Yes, we have 5 million dollars of Commercial General Liability to protect your property